Operational Transaction Services

From the exploratory research to the final earn-out payment and beyond. We carry out due diligence investigations, negotiate optimal practical agreements and ensure smooth execution, by managing transaction projects meticulously from start to finish.​


1. Exploration

Distil the maximum value from acquiring/disposing of geographies, customers, products and technology.

Engage us to:

  • perform and coordinate the exploration of acquisition targets and acquirers according to the criteria agreed upon
  • build relationships
  • analyse and evaluate appetite, options and conditions

2. Due Diligence

Make informed decisions, avoid surprises, mitigate risks, seize opportunities to increase deal value and be well prepared to enter into the negotiations. 

Engage us to:

  • perform operations & IT due diligence (for sellers and buyers)
  • assist you with commercial and financial due diligence
  • manage the entire deep dive with legal, compliance and other experts

3. Carve-Out And Acquisition Readiness

Increase attractiveness (e.g. costs/sales, compliance, data quality). Define the envisaged flow (e.g. customer experience, retention, communication, resourcing, IT impact). Check (potential) tax, legal and compliance issues.

Engage us to:

  • define, prioritize and manage improvement projects
  • build attractive validated roadmaps to raise your chances of success and to maximize deal value
  • coordinate the further valuation and evaluation of the options at hand

4. Negotiation - Approval - Agreement

A well orchestrated team ensures that the intended risk limiting, legal, commercial and practical provisions are accepted and an Agreement is concluded. The foundations are established for a perfectly executable and valuable transaction.

Engage us to:

  • ensure that internal preparations with management representatives, lawyers and other experts are finalized in a timely manner
  • ensure that interactions with the counterparty and with regulators are carefully prepared and successfully conducted and followed up
  • ensure the executability of the final Agreement by securing and updating the planned roadmaps, which will be annexed to it

5. Carve-Out And Acquisition Execution

In accordance with the Agreement, the transaction is further prepared and executed on Completion. Both internal and joint activities will be carefully planned, monitored, prepared and executed.

Engage us to:

  • assist in the preparation and execution of internal activities 
  • assist in the preparation and execution of joint activities 
  • manage internal and joint projects in a professional and considerate manner to ensure a smooth and controlled transaction
  • forecast and monitor the eventual deal value

6. Carve-Out And Acquisition After Care And Integration

After Completion, it is important to plan and execute further optimizations, in order to realise or improve the value of the deal (e.g. clean-up, integration). In case of earn-out, it is important to determine or check the related amounts and to follow up the payment.

Engage us to:

  • plan and execute further optimizations (e.g. contracting, systems, human resources, operating model, cross-selling, data retention)
  • determine/check/follow up the earn-out payments



  • Carve-out of an asset management department to install an independent company
  • Due diligence related to the potential acquisition of an insurance broker

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