Budgeting and reforecasting

Global banking group

Assist the Finance department two consecutive years in drawing up the group year budget and quarterly reforecast Q3. During the assignment, the financial crisis peaked and the urgent sale to the Belgian state had to be supported.


  • Complex group structure, processes and system landscape
  • Strict timelines
  • Financial crisis


  • Translation of target setting (commercial goals, headcount, costs) into practical business guidelines
  • Drawing up of an improved budgeting process
  • Ensuring communication of guidelines, process and deadlines
  • Coordination of activities of all involved entities and parties (e.g. Tax, ALM, Rebilling, HR)
  • Organizing and performing sanity checks on input
  • Analysis and communication of the impact of the new group reporting policy (accounting policies, allocation policies, reporting schemes and reporting structures)


  • Timely preparation of high quality slide decks for presentation to the Exco of intermediate and final results

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