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Erwin Verdonck - Managing Partner Phibonacci

Erwin Verdonck

Managing Partner, Phibonacci

Exciting times. We are eager to help you and are keen to expand our team with motivated top consultants.

Welcome to the website of Phibonacci.

We believe in independent, nimble and considerate high-quality consulting services. That is why we exist and jump out of bed every morning with great enthusiasm.

Our typically structured, transparent and multidisciplinary approach, seasoned with strong expertise and a healthy dose of perseverance, enables us to steadily build on the project delivery track record we are proud of.

After all, this approach enables us to efficiently realize challenges and solve issues for the senior management of the financial services industry. It enables us to generate attractive added value.

Since Phibonacci was founded in 2006, we have worked hard and successfully on this mission together with an average of 5-10 consultants. We are now ready for the next chapter, in which we want to help even more clients and expand our team accordingly.

The challenges ahead in the financial services industry are exciting. We want to help you initiate, manage and deliver your business transactions and realize challenges such as customer engagement, operational excellence, intelligent automation, ubiquitous banking, innovation and regulatory compliance.

At the same time, we are looking for additional motivated consultants to strengthen our team.

We would be happy to talk to you about your challenges, issues or future ambitions.

What's in a name

Beautiful compositions and natural or optimal arrangements are often associated with the golden section, a specific ratio.

Phidias and Fibonacci both used the golden section in their works. Phidias was an ancient Greek mathematician, sculptor, architect and painter. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician.

The name Phibonacci originated as an amalgamation of Phidias and Fibonacci. Our aspirations are similar. We try to generate great results and optimal value for you.

Watch the animation for more background information, going back to some lessons in history, aesthetics, biology and mathematics.

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facts and figures

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We serve cLIENTS in EUROPE and their branches around the worlD


Focus on results - Manage and act for results
High quality
High quality delivery standards - First time right attitude
Saturated by the customer's needs, concerns and expectations
Believe in what you do – Do in what we believe
Be transparent on status and be open to ideas and criticism
Never stop improving
Continually improve
Act professionally
Conscious of risks and impacts, mitigation of risks
Committed to succeed
Inquire and inform, be objective, concise and clear
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