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Outstanding added value through independent, nimble and considerate high-quality consulting services.


Straight to the end goal or steady incremental progress in a controlled, structured and transparent way.


A well-oiled delivery machine is launched by introducing structure and ensuring mutual agreement on governance, planning and working methods.

For optimal visibility and control, we keep clear, concise and consistent reports, logbooks, roadmaps... tailored to the needs of the audience.

The necessary buy-in, input and validations are obtained in a timely manner by proactively involving the relevant stakeholders according to the agreed governance.

We make sure that all organizational, procedural, people and system aspects are ready on time.
For first time right delivery, we engage and mobilise the right expertise and knowledge. We reduce complexity.

Driven by customer value, deal value, the desired final solution or results. Your dedicated sparring partner.

We are able to cover the relevant details while focussing on the broader picture and vice versa.

Proactive identification and assessment of risks and interdependencies with actionable proposals for mitigation. Adequate issue management.


Inspiring consultants relieve you and help you realize challenges and solve problems.

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Today's Challenges

Ubiquitous Banking

Safeguarding or improving your performance, by creating or joining platforms and ecosystems, where non-financial and financial services and products are integrated in attractive online customer experiences.

Digital Transformation

Revitalising or launching businesses, by leveraging on propositions in the field of automation (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation), digital consumer access, digital data and connectivity.

Customer Engagement

Attracting and retaining customers, by creating and accommodating optimal -and compliant- customer experiences with low operational impact, for any event from on-boarding to off-boarding.

Business Agility

Improving the ability and speed to adapt to changing market conditions. Unlocking innovation and customer value creation.

Sustainable Finance - Responsible Investing

Driving the transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy, by aligning investment and lending practices with environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, navigating regulatory frameworks and implementing effective risk management strategies. 


Business Development

Developing your business while evaluating profitability, capital requirements, risks, complexity, resource allocation, market opportunities, reputation, branding, market share and various other variables.

Depending on the outcome of such business development exercises, changes to your product or service offerings, your customer base, your geographical presence, your share in the value chain, your participation in ecosystems and other might be proposed.

These changes are analysed, carefully prepared and meticulously implemented.

Operational Excellence

Designing and implementing high-performing organizations, operating models and processes. Implementing adequate process management.

Developing and implementing resource allocation improvement proposals (e.g. insourcing versus outsourcing, centralization versus decentralization, harmonization, standardization).

Organizational design and sizing.

Ensuring business continuity and workplace recovery.

Systems & Data

Preparing, facilitating and executing software selection processes, vendor due diligence, greenfield implementations, life cycle management, acquisitions and divestitures, migrations and legacy phase-out.

Ensuring compliance with data retention laws.

Data quality improvement (e.g. data dictionary, data mapping, data centricity, data cleansing, data actualization) for compliance, improved risk management and more accurate targeting.

Leveraging on data to improve your overall performance (e.g. advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence).

Performance Management

Ensuring the availability of actionable insights to improve performance.

Defining and implementing policies, processes, systems and reporting: management information systems (MIS), management accounting, activity based costing, product profitability, funding and treasury, asset and liability management, target setting, budgeting and (re)forecasting.


Defining, implementing and improving policies, processes and systems relating to accounting, consolidation and reporting.

Preparing and implementing finance transformation programmes.

Developing and implementing improvement proposals aimed at reducing the throughput time of the closing and reporting period.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with new or changed legislation and regulations. Preparing and implementing changes in organization, processes, working methods and IT landscape.

Specific expertise in interaction with regulators: filing for new businesses or changes, communication, negotiation and reporting.

Products and Services

Bank Deposits

Current accounts, (Belgian regulated) savings accounts and term deposits.

Definition and setup of internal and external treasury procedures.


Debit and credit card issuing, incl. related flows (e.g. design, card production, personalisation, credit scoring, collection and recovery, fraud detection, blocking).


Credit facilities, mortgage loans, personal loans, leasing and other, including related flows (e.g. credit scoring, monitoring, collection and recovery, credit registration, credit funding).


Shares, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance investment funds, insurance savings products…

Specific expertise in management and administration of investment funds, incl. NAV calculation, depositary reconciliation, specific tax setups, application of prospectus, benchmarking, reporting, internal control and risk management.


Sepa Credit Transfer, Sepa Direct Debit, SWIFT messaging, iDEAL issuing etc.

Implementation of changes required to be compliant with upgrades of SEPA rulebook and Payment Services Directive.

Financial Economic Crime

Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions, Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF).


Critical Projects and Crisis Situations

Urgent projects or issues involving major interests and requiring fast, accurate and impactful progress.

Large Transformation

Roadmapping, launching and managing complex programmes, which impact organization, processes, working methods, culture and IT landscape.

Banking Operations Life Cycle Management

Greenfield launch, scale-up, acquisition and integration, divestitures and carve-out.

Business Justification

Delivering projects within time and budget with agreed scope and quality. (e.g. Prince2)

Customer value

Incremental agile customer centric development of software and solutions to issues. (e.g. Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe))


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