8 April 2022 : New Phibonacci website proudly released, integrating PINT deliverables

Phibonacci - FI - New website

The launch of the next chapter

A new website opens the way for a new chapter with new opportunities. We’ve seen it so often with our clients, but now it’s our turn!

We have really been looking forward to this moment as we want to take an important new step. This digital channel is very important to us, both to maintain the bond with our existing relations and to attract new clients and consultants. We like to offer an easy insight into why we are here, how we work and what we can achieve for you. At the same time, the website facilitates our commercial and operational processes in a scalable way.

This website will be the main channel to update on Phibonacci’s services, portfolio, news and insights and career and assignment opportunities. Updates will also be promoted via the newsletter and social media.

A website is a profound and sensitive project

The term “new website” conceals often a strategic thought process and a building process with various aspects. Throw in a certain timing and budget and you have a project. It has to be initiated, managed and executed accordingly. This time it was an internal project that finally got its deserved focus.
We have to be honest. Another reason it has taken some time is that we found it quite exciting.

Will it really be something that fits us, something that is clearly our own product and confirms what we stand for? Clients choose to work with us because of our independent, nimble and considerate high-quality services and our controlled, structured and transparent way of working. We wanted our website to reflect the same principles we apply to the execution of our assignments.

We believe it is a great achievement and hope you think so too.

We invite visitors to get in touch. We would be delighted to see them join us to work together on their future challenges and ambitions.
Phibonacci - Erwin Verdonck - New Website 2022
Erwin Verdonck
Managing Partner

PINT: a successful mission, but in a different way than planned

April 8 2022 Phibonacci integrates PINT

The past two years have been special for many in many ways. It was certainly no different for us.

On 14 February 2020, the PINT initiative was launched. A few weeks later, however, we were in the first lockdown because of the Covid-19/Corona pandemic.

PINT’s goal was “to make the most of innovations in technology, operating models and collaboration, to create customer value. By inventing, developing, and implementing digital services and products from the customer’s perspective, we create new businesses and increase business effectiveness.”

This goal was achieved, but in a different way than we initially envisioned. By immersing ourselves in business agility, digital transformation, and business ecosystems during the preparations for the PINT launch, we tracked down several companies that were making great strides in that area. Instead of delivering projects ourselves, we changed course and started to participate in some of these companies. We will elaborate on this in a future article.

These were very interesting times, in which we were able to bundle many of our expertise and services and use them differently.

Given the macroeconomic and geopolitical situation, it is currently a somewhat lesser period to further expand this new activity. We do not rule out taking further steps in this activity one day and even becoming active in early-stage participation (venture capital) with more close involvement.

What we acquired in the context of PINT has been integrated into Phibonacci in the meantime, and since we do not currently plan to start a new internal project under this umbrella, we decided to stop PINT as a brand.

Available for new assignments

We are happy to focus again on what matters most to us: relieve you and help you realize challenges and solve problems.

We would like to invite you to contact us, with no obligations, to run through your current and future projects together. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you want to initiate and execute transactions, digital transformations, strategic alignments or tactical optimizations for your financial services business. We are looking forward to it.


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