Management Consulting

We help management solve problems, create value, maximise growth or improve business performance. We provide practical and objective advice and help you with planning and execution. We will assist in the development of skills if needed.


1. High-Performing organizations

Streamline your organization in all its dimensions to excel.

Engage us to:

  • promote your strategy throughout your organization and thereby gain support and participation from all ranks
  • structure your organization in line with your strategic focus; empowered people, clear roles and responsibilities and an effective governance
  • assist the Human Resources department in embedding aligned leadership, managing talent and ensuring that people are selected and developed and performance is measured and rewarded in line with the strategic focus

2. The right system in the right place

Equip your organization with adequate and performing systems.

Engage us to prepare, facilitate and execute:
  • software selection processes
  • vendor due diligence
  • greenfield implementations
  • life cycle management
  • acquisitions and divestitures
  • migrations and legacy phase-out

3. Leveraging high-quality data

Gain compliance or improve your risk management, commercial insight and decision making in general.

Engage us to:

  • improve data quality  (e.g. data dictionary, data mapping, data centricity, data cleansing, data actualization, data governance)
  • leverage on data (e.g. advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence).
  • ensure compliance (e.g. data retention, GDPR, KYC, CDD, MiFID)

4. Inspiring Finance Function

Ensure the primary accounting, reporting and compliance activities are carried out efficiently and effectively while minimising the associated risks.

Transform the Finance function into a true business partner identifying value-creating opportunities and providing the necessary insights for successful strategic, business, functional, operational and financial decisions.

Engage us to:

  • define, implement and improve policies, processes and systems relating to accounting, consolidation and reporting.
  • prepare and implement finance transformation programmes.
  • develop and implement improvement proposals aimed at reducing the throughput time of the closing and reporting period.

5. Legal & Compliance and beyond

Ensure compliance with new or changed legislation and regulations. 

Engage us to:

  • assess the relevance and impact 
  • distil new business opportunities 
  • prepare and implement required changes to the organization, processes, working methods and IT landscape
  • assess the specific adherence to legislation and regulation
  • document the legal and compliance framework to prove you are in control and to facilitate the impact assessment for future changes
  • prepare or amend the filings to the regulators for new businesses or changes
  • prepare the communications, presentations and reportings to the regulators
  • formulate and follow up inquiries to experts and authorities


Largest Belgian Asset Manager with EU branches and cross-border distribution


  • Package selection for the portfolio administration of investment funds
  • Selection of a custodian for a starting investment fund
  • Draw-up of a file to the Belgian authorities for the relaunch of private banking activities
  • Harmonization and standardization of internal financial reporting on banking and insurance entities and businesses
  • Definition of an accounting manual for investment management
  • Training regarding the investment funds and bonds administration
  • Chart of Accounts reengineering for a pension fund
  • Training/advise on accounting and reporting according to Schema A/IFRS versus BE GAAP
  • Financial audit of investment funds and asset managers (structured products)
  • Reduction of the financial closing processing time of an insurance company
  • Definition and implementation of group wide cost allocation principles in financial services to apply IFRS 14
  • A comparative study regarding accounting and compliance related to investment funds in Belgium and Luxembourg

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