Project Portfolio Management

Belgian branch of a global bank

Build an aggregated project portfolio overview in terms of content, timelines, resourcing, risks and interdependencies. Initiate proper project portfolio management and resource planning to ensure both local and global programmes and projects can be managed and executed in an efficient manner.


  • Increase insight
  • Agree on priorities
  • Optimal resource planning, arrangements and allocation
  • Planning for timely and efficient execution


  • List projects from various sponsors with their timing and required resourcing
  • Make an aggregated project portfolio overview
  • Identify, address and escalate risks, interdependencies and resourcing gaps
  • Facilitate priority setting
  • Prepare for local implementation of global projects
  • Handover to Local Implementation Manager


  • Clear view on project portfolio with agreed priorities
  • Aligned resourcing plan
  • Sound basis for execution

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