Project Management & Implementation

From the project idea up, we define and implement changes related to your organization, processes, people and systems. Depending on the context and preferences, the delivery method and the roles to be performed are agreed upon.


1. Programme Management​

Ensure that the strategic value/benefit to your organization is realised through a programme consisting of a number of projects and other activities. 

Engage us to:

  • design the programme
  • define the governance
  • ensure resource allocation
  • plan and track progress
  • monitor scope and quality of individual projects
  • manage interdependencies
  • manage risks and resolve issues
  • define and update the business case
  • manage 3rd party contributions
  • perform stakeholder communication
  • perform executive reporting

2. Project Management​

Ensure that the specified output is delivered efficiently through a project. 

Engage us to:

  • initiate the project
  • manage integration, scope, time, financials, quality, resourcing, communication, risks, procurement and stakeholders
  • define and safeguard a clear and productive governance
  • perform and apply lessons learned
  • manage stages and exceptions
  • safeguard the business justification

or to:

  • conduct independent quality assurance on behalf of the corporate management
  • conduct independent project assurance on behalf of the project board

3. People Change Management​

Ensure that stakeholders are involved, motivated and properly prepared so that the change or transformation is efficiently implemented and effective.

Engage us to:

  • define and roll out a people change management plan (e.g. impact, needs, concerns, attitude, training, communication, incentives)
  • (re)design the organizational structure and processes
  • (re)size the organization
  • support and coordinate the preparation of new or updated work instructions
  • define and coordinate the training plan
  • prepare and deliver training courses
  • liaise with HR (e.g. Workers’ Council, incentives, personal development plans, job descriptions, vacancies)

4. Product Owner​

Ensure a clear vision on your products or services in line with your strategic ambitions.

Ensure a well-prioritised and incremental customer-focused development of your products and services.

Respond quickly to new requirements, constraints and challenges.

Engage us to:

  • define the vision and build the product roadmap
  • prioritize needs
  • manage the product backlog
  • refine the stories
  • liaise with development team
  • liaise with stakeholders
  • manage interdependencies
  • anticipate customer needs
  • keep track of progress
  • evaluate the increment

5. Business Analysis

Help you in guiding your company or department in improving its organization, processes, systems, products and services.

Engage us to:

  • ensure that business needs, business rules, data, processes and systems are properly analyzed and verified
  • make concise, complete and clear recommendations
  • support stakeholders and developers with the implementation of the recommendation
  • help business testers and business users with testing and acceptance 

6. Scrum Master

Ensure competitiveness through business agility. Help you in the adoption of agile values and principles and the adherence to agile processes and practices.

Engage us to:

  • become more customer-focused
  • create awareness about agile organizations and scrum methodology
  • introduce or improve agile leadership and culture
  • introduce or improve agile teams
  • coach team members
  • teach about scrum methodology
  • ensure the scrum methodology is applied
  • clear obstacles and protect the team to be effective


Largest Belgian Asset Manager with EU branches and cross-border distribution


  • Definition of road map and set-up of a PMO for the transformation of a finance department
  • Definition and implementation of group wide cost allocation principles in financial services to apply IFRS 14
  • Definition and implementation of single data sourcing of all financial reporting
  • Automation of regulatory reporting for pension funds to Dutch authorities

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