Strategic alignment – products and segments

Belgian retail direct bank

Investigate the alignment of products offered and customer segments serviced with the client’s newly defined strategy map. Prepare action plans and project plans to perform rationalizations decided upon.


  • Multiple locations and stakeholders
  • Common view on interpretation of strategy and impact
  • Estimate impact in terms of deposits, customers, revenue, capital requirements, liquidity risks, legal, compliance and operations


  • Analyse the product and customer portfolio characteristics and distributions
  • Propose the approach to perform the investigation and ensure agreement
  • Perform the investigation accordingly from a funding/liquidity (LCR, NSFR, CRR, CRD IV, Basel III, EBA) perspective and from a functional perspective (operations, compliance, legal, risk management, process management and systems)
  • Propose rationalization options (what/how/when/impact) and facilitate decision taking
  • Define specific business cases and facilitate validation
  • Draft action plans and project planning to execute rationalizations


  • Action and project plans to perform rationalizations

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